Security guards are trained to protect property from theft, vandalism, and unauthorized entry. They also provide a presence that deters crime. Security guards can be contracted for one-time events or on a regular basis.

Responsibilities of a security guard

The security guard is responsible for the security of the building or area that he or she is protecting. The security guard must be able to stay alert and watchful at all times. This means that they must pay attention to their surroundings, as well as be able to identify potential threats.

The role of a security guard is one that requires great responsibility. If someone were to breach the premises, it would be the responsibility of the security guard to stop them. Security guards need to know how to use weapons if necessary and how to protect themselves against any potential attackers.

Security guards are also expected to report any suspicious activity in their area immediately so that they can be investigated by law enforcement officers or other authorities. In addition, they should never leave their posts unless they have been given permission by their superiors or unless there is an emergency situation that requires immediate attention from another employee at their company.

Duties of a security guard

Security guards are usually hired to protect property, people, and assets. They are also called peace officers or law enforcement officers. Security guards must enforce the rules and regulations of the establishment they work for. Their duties may include patrol work and checking identification cards at doors. 

Security guards are expected to follow all rules and regulations set by their employers, including obeying orders given by superiors. Security guards may also be expected to write reports on incidents that occur while working. They may be asked to use weapons such as batons or pepper spray if necessary to subdue an intruder or attacker.

How to find the right security guard

Security guards are an important part of any business, whether you have a small office or a large factory. They provide protection and security for your employees, customers, and property. If you need to hire security guards in Ottawa, here are some tips to help you find the right one:

  • Check their background

Security guards should have a clean record and be willing to share it with you. Make sure they have no criminal convictions or previous history of violence.

  • Take a look at their experience

An experienced guard is more likely to be able to handle situations calmly and effectively than someone who is new to the job. You don't necessarily need someone with years of experience, but try to find someone who has been working for at least six months in this field or one similar (such as law enforcement).

  • Ask about their training

Security guards should be trained in the use of weapons and surveillance equipment as well as basic self-defense techniques (such as how to restrain someone without harming them). They also need training in how to deal with people who are drunk or otherwise intoxicated ("challenging customers") and how to de-escalate situations before they escalate into violence or other problems that could damage your business image or put your employees at risk.

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